Ways to Keep Him in Love Forever

Falling in love, getting someone to love you as much as you love them and making them to fall in love with you forever is quite difficult, but not impossible. You will have to put in a lot of effort to keep him in love with you forever, even if forever seems like a very long time for him. This is not easy as there are many temptations like other women, his job or boredom. 

1. Get out of the rut

If you had been with a guy for a long time, you would have formed a routine with him, especially if you are living in the same house. Do not ever fall into a rut if you want him to love you forever. Get out of the rut so he would be interested in you more.

2. Re-invent yourself constantly

Create a feeling in him that he really does not know you all that well and that there are always things to know about you. You can change your hairstyle drastically, make a career move that is so not you and change your style in bed. There are so many things that you can constantly change to keep his interest piqued and love you more.

3. Make him respect you

You should do stuff and handle yourself in such a way that he would respect you automatically. There should never be a moment in your relationship when you have to ask him to respect you. Rather the respect should be implicit and come naturally. 

4. Respect him

As much as you would love for him to respect you, you should also respect him. When he knows that you respect, love and trust him unconditionally, he would also do the same with you and will always love you for respecting him no matter what. Your respect fuels his ego and you should never let him feel disrespected.

5. Keep his interest levels high

Find out new things that you can do together that would keep the two of you occupied. Do things a lot together. A couple which does things together stays together. Knowing what he wants is an important part in making him love you and keeping him in love with you forever.

6. Give him space

Even though you love him and want him to love you forever, you should know when to back off and give him his space. A man would cherish any woman who would give him his space.