Ways to Deal With Your Husband’s Jealousy of Your Success

1. Hold your husband responsible for your success

One of the ways in which you can help your husband deal with your professional success is to hold him responsible for it. Tell him that you wouldn’t have been able to be successful if he did not offer his support to you. Make him feel that he has a major contribution towards your success. 

2. Stoke his male ego

Stoking a man’s ego often helps him to build self esteem and self worth. If your husband is constantly comparing his success to yours and feeling jealous, it is time for you to assure him that he will always be the bread earner of the family. Do this through via conversation on a regular basis, complimenting him and creating opportunities for him to display his masculinity.

3. Talk about your husband’s feelings

In cases where frustration mounts up in a husband’s mind owing to his wife’s flourishing career, it is important to build bridges through communication. If you have started observing such an attitude in your husband through his behavior, nip it in the bud before it becomes a monstrosity. Talk about this issue with your husband. This will help you to sort out the problem early on.

4. Make him feel special all the time

You may have to go the extra mile and make your husband feel extra special if he is not doing very well professionally and is jealous of your success. Plan a surprise weekend for him, drop in at his workplace for lunch more frequently or buy him gifts without an occasion. Making your husband special will reassure him that you have not forgotten him or your family because of your new found success.

5.Don’t make yourself look smaller

The worst thing you can do to soothe your husband’s jealousy of your success is to make yourself look smaller by refusing further opportunities. This is only a short term solution and it will not get rid of your husband’s jealousy permanently. In fact, it will only add more guilt and remorse in your mind for sabotaging your own career.

6.Make appreciation for your husband known publicly

Sometimes husbands are jealous of their wives’ success only because they think that they rightfully deserve all the attention and not their wives. If you have received praise in the media on a national level or if your success story has been written about locally, use the same mediums to return appreciation to your husband. Your husband may feel much better about your success when he sees that he is getting public credit because of it.