Ways to Have a Great First Date

1.Go for a walk at a scenic spot

Don’t try to rack your brains by thinking too hard and deep about planning a rocking first date. Sometimes a simple idea like taking a walk in the by lanes of your city, in a park or by the lake can be a refreshing change. This first date idea will give you a chance to connect with each other, enjoy some fresh air and discover new sights and sounds of your city.

2.Go for a play or a comedy night

Going for a movie at the theater on a first date is a run of the mill idea. Add a twist to this classic idea by replacing the movie with a play or a comedy night. Laughter can be a smooth ice breaker and it can lighten up the atmosphere for both of you to talk freely after the show.

3.Go for a horse ride

Surprise your date by planning a horse riding session on your first date. Hire two horses and an instructor for an hour or two at your local city ranch. Learn how to ride a stallion and venture in the woods if you want to be a little adventurous and romantic.

4.Go window shopping

If you want get a glimpse of your date’s personality in a short period of time, going window shopping can be fruitful. You will get an idea about your date’s choices, his take on money and many other hidden traits of his personality and behavior that you may not know otherwise.

5.Go for Karaoke

What better way to have a rocking time on a first date than singing Karaoke? Karaoke nights are known to bring strangers together through their common interest in music. If your date doesn’t mind belting out a tune or shaking a leg to his favorite melody, go for a Karaoke night on your first date.

6.Set up a movie theater at home

Dump the conventional movie and popcorn routine at the theater and set up a mini movie theater in your living room, basement or backyard. Rent or borrow a projector and place it opposite an empty white wall on which you can screen your favorite movie. Your date will be sure to talk about it for days to come.

7.Visit a Tarot card or crystal ball reader

Tarot card readers and crystal ball gazers can be hard to find, but a quick search online will give you the address of psychics in your area. Visit them, go with an open mind to have nothing but fun and don’t take it too seriously. Get your star signs interpreted and open up a conversation about your dreams and ambitions together with your date.

8.Get your portraits done by a street artist

Bringing in some cheesy fun on a first date can be an awesome way to strike a chord with him. Stop by a street artist who can paint picture portraits with a twist. Request the artist to add funny spectacles to your date’s portrait or ask him/her to paint you as if you were Elizabethan royalty.