Ways To Make Your Women Feel Special

Are you in a strong relationship? Then what have you planned to do for your woman? Make this 8th March memorable for your wife or girlfriend. Actually, women love to feel special. They are already, of course. Still, when they are in a relationship, they want full attention of their partner; they like to be pampered and complimented.Maybe women don't want anything superfluous from you. But, embracing your lady tightly or saying "I love you" with a red rose is just about enough to make her feel special (that doesn't mean you have to change your plan of proposing her with a diamond ring!!). So, what are you doing this Women's Day? A special day for a special lady, after all.Here are some ways to make your women feel special.

1.Make Her Feel Beautiful: Women's Day is one day that you should celebrate every day of your life. Women are not that much confident about their looks as they seem. They always prefer their partner to compliment them. So, reinforce the feeling of yours into her. Make her feel confident about her look.

2.Be Honest: Women love honesty. On this special day, come out with all your emotions that you store inside your heart about her. May be you haven't told her yet how beautiful she looks in a western attire. So, say it now. Even if you don't like anything about her, tell it to her in a polite tone. Choose your words carefully however.

3.Kiss Her Passionately: And do it suddenly, repeatedly. Is she angry with you nowadays? Utilise this occasion to get her back and kiss her passionately. It won't take time to melt her heart.

4.Stop Comparison: As you know, this is a special day and you have to make your girl feel special. Changing some of your habits is enough for that. Take an oath that you never ever will compare her with anyone else, EVER! Not even with your mom when she cooks.

5.Concentrate On Little Details: Women feel special when you remember little things of her life that she cherishes. How many times your wife has told you that butterscotch is her favourite ice cream flavour. So, bring it to her on this day and see how happily she smiles.

6.Do What She Wants: Every day your wife cooks what you prefer to eat; she wears clothes in which you'd like to see her in. This is a special day, after all. Ask her about what she really likes. Cook for her and surprise her or do as she wishes on this day.

7.Respect Her: If you're still not doing it, it is your good luck that your lady is still with you. Start showing respect to her from this day forward. It is not only that you're doing it for your woman, but you're also saving your honour in front of her.

8.Praise Her In Front Of Others: You really never did it, right? How she wanted you'll praise her cooking at the party, but you said nothing. This day is your chance. Don't let her complain again. Praise her in front of your family and friends and show her that you care.

9.A Day For Her Alone: You also get irritated when you can't spend time with your girlfriend or wife. This is a special day to spend the whole time with her. Go out and enjoy. You can also stay at home and cuddle with her.

10.Be Romantic: Last but not the least, be romantic. Write something for her or sing or dedicate a song for her. Surprise her with some gifts. There are lots of ways to make her feel special. The bottomline is to love her intently and unconditionally.

These are the ways to make your women feel special.