Why You Must Never Hit Your Boyfriend Below The Belt

The easiest way to attack a man is by hitting him below the belt. In fact, some self defense techniques teach how to instantly hit someone on the privates and escape.Of course, that might be okay when applied on a robber or any other kind of attacker who tries to violate you but what happens if you do the same with your husband or your boyfriend?Well, don't even think of such ideas as that is the most dangerous thing to do on this planet.Here are some reasons why you must never hit your boyfriend below the belt.

1.He might die. Yes, in some cases, a man might die if he's hit strongly on the balls. Both internal bleeding and external bleeding could quickly kill him.

2.All body parts are protected by bones and tissues of muscle so they can bear some amount of pressure delivered by blows but the private part of a man is totally unprotected. So, even a small blow can have severe effects.

3.Some men go into a state of shock, coma or trauma whereas some go into a state of blind rage where they are unaware of what they are doing.

4.Some men experience weird pain in the stomach and may not be able to even stand up for months together when they are severely hit below the belt.

5.If the injury to the manhood is a major one, your boyfriend may never be able to make love.

6.Some men lose self esteem, become depressed and may even feel like ending life if they are hit below the belt. So, try to settle scores without hitting him down there.

7.If he survives the attack on his balls, he will quickly decide to break up with you as he loves his life more than anything else.

These are the reasons why you should not hit your boyfriend below your belt.