How To Make A Strong Password For Your Internet

The Internet is a dangerous place full of hackers and villainous geeks who want just one opportunity to probe into your online life. Once that is done, they seize important information or pictures of yours to use it for their own notorious plans. Out of all the ways these bad men use to enter into your virtual life, the password is the easiest mode they find. Hence, as a woman, it is mandatory for you to have a password that can’t be easily guessed by anyone. Now, you’d be wondering how to go about creating a strong password. Here’s our team to your rescue.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is ensure that your password isn’t obvious, at any cost. For example, your birth date or your spouse’s name are outright hints to such hackers. Hence, create a password that no one can think you can have even in their wildest imagination. Create a password that has your favorite movie’s name or the worst movie that you’ve ever seen. If you wish to make it stronger, you can use a foreign language movie title as your shield. How is that? Instead of movies, you can use your favorite song’s first 4 words or a line in that song which you love the most as your password.

One more tip. While you create your password, use capitals and lower cases in union so that your password’s reliability increases. You can even combine numbers and words together with something else. For example, you can use your favorite movie’s title with your mom’s birth date. You may also choose to use special characters in place of numbers or words to strengthen your password. Like, you can use ‘&’ instead of ‘S’ since it is the mirror image of the alphabet when written in cursive. You can use ‘$’ wherever there is the numeral ‘4’ in your password.