Know These Best Ways To Save Electricity At Home

With the fuel prices rising, population on an ever increasing mode, and global warming hitting the world, it has become important to conserve or save electricity while you are at home. So many programmes have come up with the sole purpose of conservation of electricity. Earth hour, one such initiative, instructs switching off all the lights for about an hour once every week. The initiative aims at making people understand the importance of keeping lights and other appliances switched off when not in use, and the tremendous amount of effect it causes in the whole initiative of conservation of electricity.

There are several other initiatives which aim at conserving electricity. A lot of promotions have begun on making people understand that it is always good to switch off the lights when leaving your home or switching off fans in the room where you are not present.Appliances have also made themselves energy efficient such that conserving electricity with these appliances has become possible. You will see that these energy efficient appliances not just get your whole work done in possibly minutes of starting it but also ensure conservation of energy.Here are some ways to save electricity at home.

Ways to save electricity at home are:

1.The Lighting System: You should essentially change the whole lighting system that is part of your home when you have begun with the electricity conservation initiative. During the day, you can flip open the curtains to allow the natural air and light to flow in. Sometimes, you don’t even need the fan at such times. This could be a major energy saving idea. You could install energy saving lights in all the rooms of your house. This way when you use them, the amount of energy used up is less. If you are not reading or doing any activity, you could change the lighting system to candles. You can light up the room with candles and seat yourself there.

2.Equipment not in Use: Many times, you tend to leave switches to equipments on even when they are not in use. This could use up the energy in your house. This is necessary as it increases the energy bills. If you are really planning to conserve electricity, make sure you switch off those equipments which are not in use.

3.Energy Efficient Appliances: A lot of them have hit the markets in the recent times. You should indulge in buying such energy efficient equipment. This way you would save the phantom load on energy and thus conserve electricity within your homes. Look for energy star whenever you indulge in buying such equipments, as they are the original ones.

4.Reduce Hot Water: You save a lot of money on energy bills when you reduce the intake of hot water. For example when you do the laundry with cold water, or do all the dishes in one go in the dish washer, you are conserving a lot on energy bills.

5.Seal the Air Leaks: Insulation and sealing can help you curb on your energy bills. Find out gaps from where air is leaking out of your home. Seal those leaks. You could also hire an energy auditor to help you with sealing and insulation. Make sure the area around your geyser has been insulated.

6.Use of Fans: Ceiling fans are interesting ways to maintain the cool in your house. In fact, they save a lot of energy too. Till the time you can, make use of ceiling fans to serve your cooling needs.

These are the ways to save electricity at home.