Qualities You Should Look for In A Babysitter

If you are looking for a babysitter to take care of your child, you should make sure that he or she has a few basic qualities that are required for childcare. Here are a few characteristics that a good babysitter must have.

1.Basic knowledge of first aid and giving medicines: A babysitter must be aware of the standard procedures of administering first aid in case the child faces an emergency in the absence of parents. The babysitter should also be well versed with the child’s medicines and how to coax the child into taking them without throwing tantrums.

2.Good recommendations from previous employers: Insist on seeing the references of your potential babysitter and cross check them with previous employers. This way you will get a firsthand account of the babysitter’s qualities and worthiness. You will also be able to get an idea about the competitive wage you should be offering the new caretaker. Chances of being safe with a babysitter with good recommendations tend to be higher than with a babysitter who is hired out of listings or classifieds.

3.Good health: It is imperative that the person who takes care of your baby has to be in good health. If your babysitter has a history of falling ill often, you may want to be warned. Hiring a babysitter who may be carrying contagious diseases or who is easily prone to flu or cold may not be in the best interest of your child. Good health also includes being vice free, which means that a babysitter should not have an alcohol, drug or smoking related problem.

4.A pleasant and caring personality: One of the most important qualities that your babysitter must have is a responsible, reliable and friendly personality. Your child has to take a liking to the babysitter so it is important that he/she has the capability to create a lively and caring atmosphere in your house. A short tempered, disorganized and moody babysitter will obviously be of little help to you.

5.Communicative nature: Wouldn’t you like to be informed by your babysitter if your baby has been particularly gloomy, unhappy or naughty in your absence? A babysitter should ideally have the quality of gaining the parents’ trust by communicating with them regularly. He/she should be truthful and honest about how the baby’s day went and point out any peculiarities that may have emerged. A communicative babysitter is likely to help you understand your baby’s needs more effectively.

6.Flexibility: At the outset you may think that you need a babysitter for a fixed period of time in the day when you are not available. But that may not be the case in reality. You may have to run urgent errands to attend unplanned work or social meetings. These are the times when you would really require your babysitter to come to your heed. If your babysitter is not flexible, you may have to put limitations on your own flexibility.

These are the qualities you should look for in a baby sitter.