Signs That You Are Being Sexually Harassed At Work

Sexual harassment is a crime, so do not be silent on the issue. If you have been through or have seen any type of sexual harassment in the workplace, then it is important to report the issue. We give you some signs that you are being sexually harassed at work.

1.You are asked to stay late: If a supervisor or boss in the company is asking you to stay late, then be alert about their behavior. Staying late once or twice for a project is fine. If this happens repeatedly, then something might be fishy. Your peer might want to spend some time alone with you for obvious reasons.

2.You are asked out: If a supervisor or boss asks you out for dinner or lunch alone, then this might be a part of the plan. Asking you out alone without coworkers means there is an attraction from his side. Spending time alone makes no sense, if he is already married and if it is not work-related. If you come across such situation, then just say a big ‘no’. If there is any pressure from his side, report the issue to the higher level.

3.He is touchy and flirty: If someone keeps touches you while explaining things, then this is a serious issue. Touching suggestively without your consent is a sign of sexual harassment. Immediately report this issue to the higher level. Acting flirty or coming at your desk without any reason is also not acceptable. If someone stares at you continuously, then take some action.

4.You have a closed-door meeting: There is no logic behind a closed-door meeting. If your boss or someone calls you alone in his office and shuts the door, then be wary. Unless you are his adviser or have some project work to discuss one-on-one, this is a clear indication of sexual harassment. If this happens, then report to the higher authority in the office.

5.There is physical advancement: The most common sign of sexual harassment is physical advancement. If your boss tells you to spend a night with him in exchange of promotion, evaluate the situation. In that case, either immediately leave the job or decide to take legal action, because this is the highest degree of harassment at a workplace.

6.He sends you explicit emails: If a coworker or boss sends you explicit emails, then do not be silent on the issue. Sharing sexual jokes or videos is also an offense, report to the higher level in the office.

7.He makes sexual gestures or lewd jokes: This is also a part of sexual harassment. If a coworker or boss makes sexual gestures or passes lewd jokes, then do not take this lightly. This is the start of harassment, which can further cause problems.

These are the signs that you are being sexually harassed at work.