Things To Keep In Mind Before Posting Your Pictures Online

You thought it was ‘safe’ to post your picture on social networking sites, didn’t you? We all do, until we’re hit by acts of hackers or people (read ex-boyfriends) who are out there to take revenge. As the Internet takes over our lives, it is important to know how it is going to affect you if you post your pictures online. Here’s what you should know, before you click on ‘post’, the next time you are on Facebook.

1. Your face could be on the next ‘hidden sex scandal’: Yes, that’s true. Ask any of your computer geek friends how easy it is to take someone’s face and simply put it on someone else’s body. We were shocked when our graphic designer was able to switch faces in less than a minute. And if you thought ‘Who would ever use my face’, lady you are grossly underestimating the devil side of the Internet. Many women have been left red-faced after finding themselves, of course just their faces, on nude pictures.

2. Your photos can be used by certain groups on social networking sites: If you’ve been reading the news lately, you should know that there has been a recent uproar about how many guys were a part of groups in which everyone posted pictures of ‘sexy ladies’ from their friend list. Do you have not-so-close friends on your friend list? You may want to be cautious there, ladies.

3. Your current or prospective employers are on social networking sites: If this has surprised you, we think you’ve been living in the Stone Age. Let’s consider a scenario where your friend has tagged a picture of you on a big night out. You are drunk and the pictures are anything but sober. Of course they’re fun to look at, but do you want your future employer to see these pictures when they’re trying to find out more about who you are? Think twice.

4.Your photograph can be used to create fake profiles: Did you know, millions of women across the globe have been targets of fake profiles? Someone can simply copy your pictures from your account and create a fake account in your name. We don’t even want to think of what would happen if someone started sending messages to our contacts from a fake account. That would be a disaster, wouldn’t it ?

5. Privacy settings are not straight forward: Show us one social networking site where the privacy settings are easy to use and understand. Nope, we bet you can’t name any. That’s the problem. If you think that the pictures you post online are set as ‘visible only to friends’, you may be in for a surprise. If your friends tag themselves in the picture, their friends might be able to see it too. And the chain is never ending.

6. Your picture says a lot: We all know the saying ‘A picture says a thousand words’, don’t we? That’s exactly what you must remember before you post your picture online. Your friends, relatives, work colleagues, employer, prospective employer, client or customer form an impression of who you are from the picture that you post online. Does this make you cautious before posting your picture? Wouldn’t you always like to portray a professional image to your clients and customers?

These are the things to keep in mind before posting picture online.