Tips If You Are Going On A Cruise For The First Time

“Traveling on cruise to South East Asia was my lifelong dream”, said Tania, 32. “But it all turned into a nightmare when I ended up with a terrible experience, only because I didn’t follow some cautionary tips”, she added. Friends, we suggest you give a serious read to Tania’s advice on tips to follow when you are going on a cruise.

1.Read the fine print: “When my husband and I decided to travel on board a cruise, we were so excited that we didn’t bother to read the cruise’s health manual, the ship grading details and other details on what we should be carrying”, confessed Tania. I urge you to remember this top tip when you are going on a cruise, especially when any of your travel mates are heart patients”, she added.

2.Don’t flash your cash: Although this tip applies even when you’re traveling by land or air, it becomes especially important when you are traveling on a cruise. “Leave all your Prada bags, Rado watches, Chanel perfumes and expensive costume jewelry at home. If you happen to get mugged on a cruise of a longer duration, you will have nowhere to go”, said Tania.

3.Don’t go unescorted: This is another important tip that Tania recommends you follow when you are going on a cruise. Don’t go around exploring the vessel unescorted. “It’s okay to go around the deck and the well populated areas of the ship by yourself, but if you’re the curious type and want to explore the alleys and machine room of the ship, you must have a ship attendant escort you”, said Tania.

4.Visit your GP before your boat trip: “If it’s the first time you are going on a cruise, then you must follow this top tip. You will never be able to make out if you have sea sickness unless you board the ship”, said Tania. “So, you must get your physician to prescribe some anti-nausea pills and other precautionary measures in case you fall sick on board”, she added.

5. Be wary of gambling: “Did you know that all the money you win from gambling while you are cruising may land you in trouble because of storage issues?”, asked Tania. “The best way to deal with is to keep your extra cash in the ship’s official chest and claim it back on the last day of your tour”, she added.

These are the tips if you are going on a cruise for the first time.