Amazon doing 'extremely well' in India: Jeff Bezos

E-commerce giant Amazon is doing 'extremely well' in India, its founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has said while expressing hope for regulatory stability in the country.

Bezos' remarks came in response to a question on Amazon's concerns over some Indian policies with regard to digitization.

"Regulatory stability is the thing that we would always hope for India. Whatever the regulations are ... they are stable in time and that's one of the things we're hoping will now be true. We'll see," Bezos, 55, told reporters on the sidelines of his induction into the National Portrait Gallery in Washington on Sunday.

He said Amazon was doing very well in India.

"Our business in India is doing extremely well. It's growing very rapidly," Bezos said.

He said the head of his India operations Amit Agarwal, with whom he has worked for 20 years, was an extraordinary leader and is doing really well.

Responding to another question, the Amazon head said he "definitely" wants to go to space, asserting that he is having a great deal of fun doing everything that he does.

Ruling out a 2020 White House run, Bezos said he has a lot of other things that he wants to accomplish and is currently focused on them.

"Governing and running are two different skill sets," he said.

(with news agency inputs)