Covaxin is overall 77.8% effective, claims Bharat Biotech

New Delhi: Bharat Biotech's Covaxin is overall 77.8 per cent effective against Covid-19, the vaccine maker said in a statement, citing the data from the third phase of clinical trials.

The data, however, is yet to be peer-reviewed.

The vaccine offers '65.2 per cent protection', it said, against the rapidly emerging Delta variant.

It was also found to be '93.4 per cent effective' against severe symptomatic COVID-19, the company said.

Covaxin is a whole virus inactivated vaccine against SARS-CoV2, developed by Bharat Biotech in partnership with ICMR and NIV Pune. The Phase 3 clinical trial was an event-driven analysis of 130 symptomatic COVID-19 cases, reported at least two weeks after the 2nd dose, conducted at 25 sites across India.

The company pointed out that no licensed SARS-CoV-2 vaccine has reported efficacy against asymptomatic infection and that will help in reducing disease transmission. Asianet Online