Google Pixel 4’s Recorder app coming to older Pixel phones

Google has confirmed that it will roll out its Recorder to older Pixel devices as well via a software update. The free app, which was launched for Pixel 4 last month, automatically transcribes audio recordings. Google’s Recorder app works on-device, which means it does not require an internet connection.

Google confirmed it was bringing the Recorder app to older Pixel phones in a comment on the Pixel subreddit. “Thanks for expressing interest in the Recorder app. We plan to roll it out to older Pixel devices in a future software update,” read a comment from Google’s official account.

The Recorder app seems particularly useful given it can transcribe in real-time even without an active internet connection. Google has said that transcription in English is available as of now with more languages coming soon. The app is also said to identify sounds like music and applause.

Google has not revealed an exact timeline for the rollout. It is unclear whether all older Pixel devices including the original Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and Pixel 3a series will get support.

Meanwhile, the new Pixel 4 series will not be available in India and as the phones feature Soli radar chip on the front, which uses the 60Ghz spectrum, which is not allowed commercially in India. The Soli radar chip on Pixel 4 drives the Motion Sense and the Face Unlock feature. India has so far not delicensed the 60 GHz band.

Pixel 4 gets a 5.7-inch screen, while the Pixel 4 XL has a bigger 6.3-inch screen. Both phones run the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and also come with Google’s custom Pixel core chip to handle all AI-based imaging related tasks.

Pixel 4 series has an 8MP front camera. The back camera on the Pixel 4 is a dual one, where the main sensor is 12MP with f/1.8 aperture while there’s a 16MP telephoto sensor as well. The battery on the Pixel 4 will 2800 mAh, while the Pixel 4 XL will sport a 3700 mAh battery. Both phones will run Android 10.