Huawei upbeat on AI strategy for India

Global telecom giant Huawei will continue to go ahead with its India strategy related to artificial intelligence technology as planned, unfazed by the pressure tactics by America through ban and escalating U.S-China trade war.

However, it maintained silence on 5G roll-out plans in the country.

"As for our AI (artificial intelligence) strategy in India, it's no different from our overall strategy. We are going to develop Atlas card and servers based on the standard processors, and we are also going to work on MDC (mobile data centre) based on standard processes as well," Huawei Rotating Chairman Eric Xu said.

The Chinese telecom equipment maker has caught itself in a bitter battle with the U.S, which has provided a 90-day reprieve to continue doing business as usual with the U.S suppliers.

The U.S imposed the ban on the company over concerns of security.

Washington has also been putting pressure on other countries to restrict operations of the Chinese telecom firm.