India nowhere less than China in arena of space: ISRO

India is nowhere less than China in the arena of space, and after the success of human space mission project 'Gaganyaan', it will be equal to its neighbour in all aspects related to the field, ISRO Chairman K. Sivan said on Friday.

This month, 'Chang'e 4', the first Chinese mission to land on and explore the Moon's far side facing away from Earth, carried instruments to analyse the region's geology.

India also has an ambitious mission, 'Chandrayaan-2', to land on Moon's South Pole, a region unexplored by any country so far, Sivan said.

The plan was to initially launch the mission in April last year, but it has now been postponed to the first quarter of this year.

"We are nowhere less than China," Sivan said in response to a question that sought to draw a parallel between the two space-faring Asian countries.

He added that India was at par in regards to launch vehicles and spacecraft.

India has announced that 'Gaganyaan' will take off by 2022, while China launched its first manned space mission in 2003.

"They had the human space capability, which we did not have, but once we have a successful 'Gaganyaan' project by 2022, we will be equal to them in all aspects," Sivan said.