Mobile Operating System from: Firefox

The popular browser company, which has felt a pinch in market share compared to its Silicon Valley neighbor Google Chrome, is dipping its toes into the smartphone pool. Claiming it will be cheaper than Android, the Firefox OS might just have a chance. It will support rich content with HTML5 and tap into the hardware in new ways. For example, the OS might control a phone’s camera for slow motion recording or quick, successive shots.It iss really open, rather than Google’s Android like open which restricts options.

Smartphone manufacturers can do what they like with the OS. Performance is likely to be better than Android on less powerful devices. In essence, Firefox OS is a bootable browser. There’s no reliance on Java VMs or other components. Mozilla are creating a Marketplace which will allow developers to submit, promote and monetize apps for the Firefox browser and OS. Firefox OS is free. Hardware vendors will like that.