Power discoms issue 'monsoon advisory'

Power discoms have issued a 'monsoon advisory' for its consumers to ensure their safety and prevent accidents and outages during the rainy season.

A BSES spokesperson said the monsoon action plan of BYPL and BRPL are in place.

Referring to the advisory, the spokesperson said people should stay away from electrical installation such as poles and transformers and stop children from playing near them.

The main switch should be turned off in case of water logging, and earth leakage circuit breaker should be installed, he said.

Consumers should keep a 'tester' at their homes to check leakage in case of wet power switches, he said adding people should also prune twigs and greenery close to electricity lines.

The discoms have also taken steps to prevent outages due to rain related causes like water logging, uprooted trees and broken branches.

Height of the foundation of transformers in low-lying areas have been increased to safe levels and transformers have also been properly fenced to prevent people from going near them, the spokesperson said.

He said people should avoid hooking wires to electricity lines during rainy season as it could result in fatalities or grievous injuries.