Sony launches world's 'toughest and fastest' SD card

Sony expanded the SF-G Series with the launch of the new UHS-II SD card range that is touted to be the world's toughest and fastest.

The new SF-G series is claimed to offer read speeds up to 300MBps and write speeds up to 299MBps. Sony has also offered a bend proof build that can be bent to 180N and resist a drop of up to five metres.

Further, the new SF-G Series SD cards have an IP68 rating that makes them water- and dust-resistant.

While the 64GB Sony SF-G64T in the new series comes with a price tag of Rs 13,290, the 128GB SF-G128T is priced at Rs 24,590.

Both new models are already available for purchase through all Sony Center, Alpha Flagship stores, and major electronics stores in India.

The new SF-G series Tough has a monolithic structure that involves a one-piece design along with no empty space in the card.

Sony also claims that it has provided high-grade hardness materials, unlike conventional SD cards that are made of thin, three-part ensemble.