Uber partners with Delhi Metro to launch Public transport option

Uber has announced its Public Transport feature in the city of New Delhi, which will provide last mile connectivity to Delhi Metro customers.

Uber won a competitive bid and will be able to expand its operations across 210 Delhi Metro stations and help with last mile connectivity for metro passengers in the city. Uber users in Delhi will now see a new Public Transport option, and they will be able to plan the journey end-to-end.

Once they open the Uber app and enter a destination, riders will see Public Transport as an option alongside UberGo, Premier and Pool.

When they select Public Transport feature, riders will be able to see the fastest and cheapest routes to get to their destination. They will be also get real-time schedules and departure time for public transportation, including Metro schedule, bus schedule and walking directions as well.

Users will have the option of taking an Uber ride or Uber auto or Uber Moto to their nearest Metro station and once they reach their destination metro station, they will be able to take the Uber option to get to their final destination.

(with news agency inputs)