Unsuccessful soft-landing nothing to be alarmed about: Madhavan Nair

Veteran space scientist G. Madhavan Nair said that ISRO's unsuccessful bid to soft land on the moon is nothing to be alarmed about, and it would only enable the space agency master complex missions going forward.

The former Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation also acknowledged for the first time that there is now no hope to re-establish contact with Chandrayaan-2's lander 'Vikram'.

Madhavan slammed ISRO critics who questioned its Chairman K. Sivan's statement that 98 per cent of Chandrayaan-2's mission objectives had been achieved, despite an unsuccessful bid to soft land on the moon.

ISRO is the top-most performer in the country in terms of science and technology and it has been undoubtedly proven by the results over several years, Madhavan said.

"There is a system in place for review and decision making. It's not a single man show.

It's a big family, proper mechanism at every level to review the process, design and testing..." Madhavan said in support of Sivan, who has come under criticism in some quarters after the moon mission did not go as per plan.

He said ISRO has made a large number of attempts and used different methodologies to restore the link with the lander, but so far couldn't succeed.