U.S should get large share of TikTok sale proceeds: Trump

Washington: President Donald Trump has demanded that the U.S treasury should get a substantial chunk of the TikTok sale proceeds, as he set September 15 as the deadline for the popular Chinese short video app to be out of business in the country unless it is bought by an American company.

Technology giant Microsoft is in talks with TikTok's parent company ByteDance to buy its U.S operation.

However, the president is in favour of a complete 100 per cent purchase and not the 30 per cent as reportedly being negotiated now.

"The United States should get a very large percentage of that price because we're making it possible. Without us, you know, I use the expression, it's like the landlord and the tenant. And without the lease, the tenant doesn't have the value", Trump said.

"Well, we're sort of in a certain way, the lease. We make it possible to have this great success. TikTok is a tremendous success. But a big portion of it in this country. It would come from the sale, yeah. Whatever the number is, it would come from the sale", he said.


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