WhatsApp delivers over 100 billion messages daily

WhatsApp now delivers close to 100 billion messages every day, CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared during the latest quarterly earnings call.

WhatsApp had crossed the 100 billion messages a day mark for the first time on New Year's Eve last year.

During the quarterly earnings call, Zuckerberg shared that 2.5 billion people around the world use one or more Facebook apps every day and there are more than 10 million active advertisers across services. New Year's Eve is the day when WhatsApp usually experiences a significant spike in messages and this has been a trend for the past several years.

In 2017, WhatsApp saw 63 billion messages sent globally on New Year's Eve, followed by 75 billion in 2018, and over 100 billion last year.

Now, roughly 100 billion messages are delivered every day.



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