WhatsApp names Abhijit Bose as India Head

Under pressure to address issues raised by the government, WhatsApp announced the appointment of Abhijit Bose as its India head -- the first time it has named a head for the country that accounts for most users across the world.

The Facebook-owned app has been drawing flakes from the government to devise ways to trace the origin of fake messages circulated on the platform, set up a local corporate entity and appoint a grievance officer, in order to curb the spread of deadly rumours that have claimed several lives.

While a U.S-based grievance officer has been appointed, WhatsApp has sought to address rumour-mongering on its platform by flagging forwarded messages with an explicit 'forwarded' label to clarify when a text had not originated from the sender.

It also attempted to slow down forwarding in India by limiting the number of contacts to whom a message could be sent - to five at a time.

Meeting another key demand, WhatsApp announced Abhijit, who was co-founder and CEO of electronic payments company 'Ezetap' previously, will join early next year.

He will build WhatsApp's first full country team outside of California and will be based in Gurugram, the company said in a statement.

Abhijit and his team will focus on helping businesses, both large and small, connect with their customers, it added.