Anderson is first bowler who could bowl 'reverse' reverse swing: Sachin

Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar believes James Anderson is the only bowler who could bowl a "reverse outswinger" with a wrist position of a conventional inswinger.

Tendulkar has termed that 'reverse' reverse swing.

Speaking to West Indies legend Brian Lara on his '100MB' app, Tendulkar explained why Anderson could be vital for England in the ongoing Test against West Indies at the Ageas Bowl.

"With reverse swing, Jimmy Anderson was possibly the first bowler who bowled reverse swing also reverse," Tendulkar told Lara.

In lucid terms, in case of conventional inswing to a right hander, the shiny part is on the outside and rough part on the inside. In case of reverse outswinger, the trajectory changes (moving away from right hander) but shiny part will still remain on outward side. The wrist position is different on both occasions.

According to Tendulkar, when he checked Anderson's wrist position, he saw him bowling the reverse outswinger but with wrist position of conventional inswinger, which is unheard of.

"What I experienced, over a period of time, that he would hold the ball as if he was bowling outswinger, but the release point, he would try and bring the ball back in.

"....and number of batters would look at the wrist position, and what he has actually done, he's shown you that he's bowling inswing, but the imbalance between both sides of the ball would take the ball away from you," he added.

Tendulkar said by changing his wrist position quickly Anderson forces the batsman to commit to a shot.

"What he has done is, he's got you to commit to play, for an inswinger and the ball, after covering almost three-fourths of the length of the pitch, starts leaving you.

But you had already committed, because you've seen that inswing position, and that is something which was new to me. Nobody had done that." Desk: Asianet Online