BCCI unlikely to recruit CFO for time being

New Delhi: The Indian cricket board is unlikely to hire a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in near future even though Santosh Rangnekar resigned from the post six months back.

While BCCI CEO Rahul Johri was asked to take back his resignation and continue till the end of his tenure (2021), it is learnt that the top brass feels there is no immediate requirement of a CFO as the treasurer is their point person.

"The BCCI is unlikely to recruit a CFO any time soon. If you read the new constitution carefully, there is a mandatory provision for a Chief Executive Officer but there is no mention that you need to have a CFO," a senior BCCI official privy to the development told on conditions of anonymity.

It was Committee of Administrators (CoA) which had recruited Rangnekar and the move was seen as a deliberate ploy to undermine the then treasurer's authority.

Once the BCCI had the democratic set up back in place and powers of treasurer restored, the post of CFO became redundant.


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