FA hoping for Brexit boost for England

The English Football Association's (FA) new technical director Les Reed believes Brexit could give more English players opportunities to play in the Premier League.

The FA are keen to see the minimum number of 'homegrown' players in the 25-man squad Premier League clubs must register rise from eight to 12. These do not have to be British but must have been registered to an English or Welsh club for three years before turning 21.

"My feeling is that at the moment we're running around 32-34 percent of players playing in the Premier League (being English) so just over a third," Reed said on Wednesday.

"We want to keep that and try and improve on that. What we don't want to do is have regulations which knock us back to where we were at times last season, down to 26-27 percent."

Players from the European Union (EU), including many who represent South American and African nations at international level but hold EU passports, could have to satisfy much stricter requirements to be handed a work permit after Brexit.

The current system for non-EU players takes into account international appearances, the transfer fee, proposed wages and recent playing history to determine whether they receive a Governing Body Endorsement from the Football Association.

(with news agency inputs)