Full-time CAC is not required: Ganguly

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said a full-time Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) was not required since it has a limited role to perform, restricted to only one or two meetings.

The BCCI on Sunday deferred the appointment of the CAC with Ganguly saying the controversial conflict of interest clause, which even the CoA found difficult to implement, is coming in the way.

Ganguly himself, Sachin Tendulkar and V.V.S Laxman had to resign from CAC on allegations of conflict of interest.

"CAC doesn't have much work. We keep talking about CAC, but the job of CAC is appointment of selectors and coach. So, once you appoint a selection committee, it stays for four years and once you appoint a coach, it (he) stays for three years. So, where is the need of having a full-time CAC?," Ganguly said while addressing media after Board's AGM.

"So far it (CAC) is honorary, so even if you pay, you pay on what basis. There is no regular work. To have CAC with conflict of interest, I don't know whether it is the best thing. It is about only one meeting," Ganguly added.

The BCCI chief said they will approach the Supreme Court to get a clarification on the conflict of interest clause.

"Conflict clause stops everyone, that's why we can't make the CAC. That's why we can't bring proper selectors. Conflict should only be for someone like us (office bearers). Conflict stops us from getting good people. We are going back to the court to get clarification about conflict clause," Ganguly said.

(with news agency inputs)