Babies in the womb are smarter than we thought


From the day you conceive to the time you feel your baby's kick for the first time, carrying a baby in the womb is most definitely a special feeling. Through the nine months of your pregnancy, babies in the womb depend on moms for their nutrition as they grow inside the warmth of the fetus. They can change their positions, get active, move around and start to develop a sense of balance and can even cry.

Experts based out of the University of California, Berkley have revealed that babies might still be in the development stages of their growth but that doesn't mean their senses aren't growing. Way before being actually born, babies can begin to see and sense things around themselves. It was observed that the light-sensitive cells developing in the retina, which were earlier presumed to just help the baby realize or balance between the day and night can now offer much more sensitivity to the eye and can also help promote brain development, paving way for influencing their growth in the future.The study also threw light on the fact that babies in the womb are much more aware than they seem to be. In fact, you should also be careful of what you speak in front of pregnant mothers. Upon analysis, it was seen that babies can start hearing and processing what their moms say when they are still inside. In fact, the findings support the premise that unborn fetus can learn, grasp and remember stuff just as well as newborns. In a striking observation, it was also seen that babies can also grasp melodies while still inside Desk: Asianet Online