Amazing Tips for Keeping Your House Cool

1.Use shading techniques

One of the simplest yet effective ways to cool your home is to employ shading techniques. By using various shading techniques like landscaping, drapes and blinds, a large part of energy consumption owing to artificial cooling can be averted. Landscaping involves plantation of trees around the house in strategic positions so that they block the heat from coming in, but also keep the free air flow inside intact. 

2.Insulate your house

The benefit of insulating your house is that not only will it keep it cool during summer, it will also keep the house warm during winter. The heat is absorbed by the attic and when the roof is insulated, the heat does not radiate down to the house. This is an economic as well as easy technique that will save you the extreme heat of summer and from copious energy bills as well.

3.Use a thermal chimney

A thermal chimney is a very easy and effortless technique to keep your house cool. Keep the lowest windows of your house open. Open the topmost (upstairs) windows of the opposite side of the house. When warm air escapes from the topmost windows, cool air will automatically seep in through the lower windows, by a phenomenon called thermal siphoning. For this phenomenon to naturally cool your house, you must keep the internal doors open for free flow of air.

4.Use ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are quite efficient in cooling your house. Though they run on electricity, they consume much lesser energy than air conditioners. Also, they are cheaper and durable. A combination of air conditioner and ceiling fans can give you best results of both at a moderate cost. Ceiling fans are also very easy to install and use.

5.Use programmable thermostats

If you use a thermostat, ensure that you install a programmable thermostat. By adjusting the temperature of your thermostat, you can save a large amount on your energy bill. A programmable thermostat helps you avoid its misuse and lets you gain maximum benefits from it, because you can now control the temperature yourself instead of setting it on default.

6.Use LED lights

Use LED lights instead of incandescent light bulbs which consume more energy than LED lights. Light bulbs produce only 5% light, the remaining 95% is heat which heats up the house additionally. LED lights, on the contrary, give out 90% less heat, are energy efficient and also last longer.

7.Use microwave and pressure cooker

Try cooking in microwave and pressure cooker instead of the stove or oven because these devices do not give out any heat, unlike a gas oven. A pressure cooker, though used on a stove or oven, uses less time to cook and thus cuts down on internal heat generated significantly.

8.Reduce humidity

During summer, do not dry your clothes inside the house as it increases the humidity thereby aggravating the discomfort. Cover the pots while cooking and use an exhaust fan in the kitchen which helps averting unwanted heat.

9.Ventilate your house

Ensure that your house is properly ventilated in order to remain comfortable during summer. Also, you could use a window fan to replace hot air in the house by cool air from outside. A well ventilated house will be naturally cool during summer. Desk: Asianet Online