Avoid these habits to keep your breast in shape

Collagen starts to decrease in the skin of your body, which also reduces the elasticity of the skin. For these reasons, your breasts become loose sagging tips. This is a normal process. However, due to this, the beauty of your body is affected. These reasons are not under your control but you too are responsible for this problem somewhere. Some of your habits are such that your breasts start to loosen.

Do not apply sunscreen: Just like sunscreen, the skin of your face is exposed to UV rays and wrinkles appear on the face, just like exposure to sun rays, the skin of the breast also attracts collagen. This causes the breast skin to become loose.

Irregular Dieting:  Dieting is quite common for women. When women start dieting, but do you know that doing so may not improve your health but beauty can be bad. The skin of your breasts is affected due to irregular dieting and weight loss.

High Impact Workout: While research is still being done on this matter, experts say that due to high impact workouts such as running, breasts also move with your body. The collagen of breasts starts to break due to excess movement, which can cause breasts to relax.

Smoking: Cigarettes and smoking can cause you many health problems. Your habit also affects your breasts. Smoking makes your skin cells weak and also increases the lifespan of the skin quickly. Consumption of cigarettes does not supply blood to the surface of your skin, which causes the breast skin to become loose.


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