Beauty tips for pregnant women

 Drink water

The amniotic fluid production, blood volume increase and nausea can cause pregnant women to dehydrate quickly. Drink as much as you want, preferably water, and keep in mind that pregnant women usually need an extra 300 ml of liquid for a total of about 2 litres a day.

Belly and skin

To reduce the risk of stretch marks, moisturize your skin daily. Several products were produced especially for you like Elancyl and Pois de senteur. You can also use Glaxal Base, Aveeno, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil. Begin early! You will feel as if your skin was drinking the cream and soon you will moisturize every day because it makes you feel better.


While most women stop shedding hair during pregnancy and obtain a mermaid look, others heavily loose hair. If it is your case, maybe you suffer from a nutritional deficiency. A lack of proteins, among other things, can cause hair loss.


Whether because they stopped a treatment or because their hormones are playing silly games, many pregnant women suffer from acne. Because you cannot take most of the available treatments, you will need to prevent and hide blemishes. Wash your face daily with mild soap and avoid eating too much refined sugar. 

Heavy legs

Heavy legs are one of the most common ailments of pregnancy. To improve your blood circulation and prevent swelling, place your legs on a pillow when you are lying down or sitting.

Maternity pillow

If you want to sleep like a baby despite your belly and your deficient bloodstream, buy a maternity pillow. There are several models made of various materials. Manipulate a few before choosing yours. If you don’t like shopping.


Dehydration can dry your eyes and cause your eyelids to swell, which causes discomfort and affects the peripheral vision. This is another good reason to drink water. It is also possible that your blood pressure blurs your vision and gives you the impression of seeing floating flies. If this is the case, talk to your physician. Asianet Online