Best Books To Read During Pregnancy

From a physical point of view, pregnancy is a period where a woman goes through a lot of changes. As a result, things that were a part of her life earlier may no longer remain so. This might include things like clubbing, partying or going to a bar. This is because not only are things like smoking and drinking by the mother dangerous, the same can be said for the foetus who is being subjected to passive smoking and passive drinking. Similarly, hobbies involving rigorous physical strain (like that of adventure sports) are not encouraged either.This definitely does not mean that a pregnant woman is expected to sit up cooped in a room doing nothing. It is at this point that something called reading comes into the picture.

Not only does it give the pregnant woman something to do without exerting herself physically, but also allows her to gain knowledge about her body and the growth of her baby. This is all the way more important because of the fact that pregnancy is a period where a lot of strangers, friends and family members approach a woman with a lot of unsolicited advice.Often their views clash with each other leaving the pregnant woman confused about whose advice to follow. By reading a book they are provided with a scientific explanation for everything and that takes away the risk of them relying on myths. Now there are tonnes of books available for pregnant women to read and this often leaves them confused about which one to choose. Here are some books to read during pregnancy.

1.Pregnancy, Childbirth And The Newborn: The Complete Guide The best thing about this book is the fact that it talks about the beautiful process of childbirth in itself and does not bring in details of things like a husband-wife relationship. In a very outspoken tone, the book speaks about how the relationship between partners (who may be of any sex) and the role that it plays in the pregnancy. Indeed this book by April Bolding, Ann Keppler, Janelle Durham, Janet Whalley and Penny Simkin is the finest one that you will find in the market today.

2.The Nourishing Traditions Book Of Baby And Child Care: Unlike most other books on pregnancy that talks about lifestyle and things like that, this one focuses exclusively on the nutritional aspects of pregnancy. The authors Sally Fallon Morrel and Thomas S Cowan have spent a considerable amount of effort in the research and the same is evident from the book itself.

3.Expecting Better: Why The Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong - And What You Need To Know: Despite its controversial title, this book by Emily Oster is indeed a pleasure to read. Having made a record number of sales in the world of pregnancy books, this particular item continues to hold all of us captivated for the entire duration of the read.

4.In A May's Guide To Childbirth: One of the most common causes of concern for pregnant women is to choose the type of birth that they would want to go for. Indeed, both natural birth and C-section have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. This book by Ina May Gaskin presents a very clear picture of the two types of childbirth and gives you points to help you make your own decision. A midwife by profession, the author makes sure that pregnant women find this book relatable and for that, she has included a number of real-life stories from real moms.

5.Preggatinis: Mixology For The Mom-to-Be:  This is one fun book that every pregnant woman would love to read. Penned by Natalie Bovis-Nelsen, this book talks about the different ways in which you can prepare alcohol-free mocktails that are safe for consumption by pregnant women. Having this book handy will ensure that you do not lose out on the fun side of life just because you are carrying a little one inside you.

6.Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy And Childbirth: Unlike most other books on pregnancy, this one by Jenny McCarthy does not give you a high dose of knowledge in a serious and sombre tone. Rather, it is one lighthearted book that you will not just enjoy reading but will also end up learning a lot while doing so.

7.The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding: As the name suggests, this book by Diane Wiessinger, Diana West, Teresa Pitman, Pam Ward talks about the finer details of breastfeeding. Understand that once the baby comes along you will get busy and will not have much of a time to read up on things like this. Hence, it is advisable that you use the free time that you get during your pregnancy to read this wonderful book.

8.40 Weeks +: The Essential Pregnancy Organizer: This one by Dani Rasmussen and Antoinette Perez is not essentially a book in the truest sense of the term. Quite honestly speaking, this is a planner with some introductory notes given at the beginning of each section and ample space for you to do your additions therein. The notes given are indeed helpful and enable one to lead a much more disciplined pregnancy.

9.The Pregnancy Countdown Book: Unlike most other pregnancy books that focus solely on the mom, this article takes into account the role of the dad in the entire journey and has tips and tricks for him as well. Another fantastic aspect of this book is the fact that it has done a brilliant job in talking about the lesser spoken about aspects of pregnancy (like stretch marks, when to stop flying, etc). Written by Susan Magee, this language of this book is so lucid that it is an ideal reading choice even for those women who are not really bibliophiles.

10.The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips And Advice For Dads-to-Be: This book by Armin A Brott and Jennifer Ash is a fine piece for people who want to be with their pregnant partners in their journey, both at the mental as well as the physical level. Although this book is targeted at first-time dads, it makes an ideal reading material for others as well.

These are the books to read during pregnancy period. Desk: Asianet Online