Best Exercises for Sexy Legs

1.Squats for sensuous legs

Squats are best for you when you are aiming for sexy, firm and toned legs. Do them in batches of 20-25. Initially you can do squats once a day and gradually you can start doing it 3-4 times a day.

2.Swings for a sexy look

Swinging can be a lot of fun. Make use of a chair to take support. Keep your back straight. Place one hand on the side of a chair and swing your leg back and forth. Ensure that your leg is straight with the toe pointing outward, just like ballet dancers. First swing your leg in the forward direction, and aim at 90 degrees from ground. Try to hold the position. Then come back to standing position for relaxation. Then again swing in the backward direction, aiming at 90 degrees from ground. Hold and then relax.

3.Hamstrings to help you get toned legs

Hamstrings are pretty effective for getting toned and firm legs. Take help of a chair again and bend forward to have your palms touching the seat of the chair. Make sure both your legs are straight. Now slowly take one leg and move it backwards, all the while keeping it straight. Now further bend from your knee, trying to have your heel towards your rear. Hold, relax and repeat it as many times as you can comfortably. All this while, your back should be firm and abdomen tucked in. Begin by doing it 4-5 times and gradually as your body gets used to it, you can increase the frequency. Repeat equally with both legs. Asianet Online