Best Summer Blooms For Your Indoor Garden

This summer, get green by growing some of the best summer blooms of the season. According to the Chinese culture color Green symbolizes health, prosperity, and harmony. And not just that, the color green brings a soothing feel to the eyes so having a summer home garden is no bargain. Summer indoor gardening is important as it brings a cool feel to the room.Here are some summer blooms for your indoor garden.

Summer blooms for indoor garden are:

1.Beautiful Japanese anemone: This plant is definitely a hot favorite of many as the flowers bloom in pretty pinks and whites. The single petaled flowers usually bloom in late summer and are very good show plants.

2.Darling Daylily: The Daylilies are definitely great pals of summer as they grow widely without much of care and manure. The only way to support the growth of these flowers is by growing them in shade. They are available in many colors like blues, yellows, pinks and whites. They are spring bulbs and start blooming in early summer. They look the best when grown in a lot.

3.Cool Columbine: These are another shade loving indoor plants that bloom by seeds. It is best to sprinkle Columbine seeds in pots during winter as they require winter's chill to bloom well in spring season. Although the plants are short lived, they bloom by themselves through the dispersion of seeds. Columbines come in a variety of colors but need to be taken care as they spread all over the place too fast. It is best to grow columbines as a potted plant.

4.Lovely Lungwort: If you cannot afford a big summer plants then Lungwort or Pulmonarias are best choices as the leaves and flowers are small and bloom in mid spring. They bloom white and slowly turn to dull pink. Even these summer indoor gardening plants do not require much of sunlight and hybridized Lungworts are available in different colors simply to catch your eyes.

5.Pleasant Foxglove: Foxgloves are zero maintenance plant as they are biennials. The plants have cabbage like leaves and flowers look like tiny roses with white, pink and red colors. After every bloom the indoor plants set a seed and then perish. Foxgloves can be placed in corners that get bright sunlight. The plant stalk in slender are can be shaped (by tying) the way one would like on windows and walls.

6.Pure Wood Aster: We call it pure simply because their flowers are bright White. The summer plant blooms in early summer and the plant stem gets thicker the longer they grow. It is best to keep trimming them when you feel they are spreading in the unrequired space.

7.Sweet Blue phlox: These pale lilac blue flowers last long and are spring blooms perennials. The lighter shades are summer gardening favorites. The summer plants grow up to two to three feet and love sunlight.

8.Wild Astilbe: The wild flowers are feathery and attractive for home. The blooms are deeper shades and love water. The plants grow in mid summer and grow rapidly by rhizomes. The need to be checked or they will grow widely in good heights.

These are the summer blooms for your indoor garden.