Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid

The topic of weight gain and weight loss is one that women can go on talking endlessly about. Every woman has experimented with her diet and exercise regimen so as to lose or gain weight. However, most of them end up getting bored of these tactics and unfortunately go back to the vicious circle of abstaining from rich food and then succumbing to greed by eating them and feeling guilty while doing so. Your weight loss strategies might not have worked because of certain common mistakes you may be doing.Here are some biggest weight loss mistakes to avoid.

Biggest weight loss mistakes to avoid are:

1.Crash diets: The biggest mistake that people do is to go on crash diets. They feel so guilty after eating a rich meal that they just get up one fine day and declare it to be the first day of their ultra strict diet. They give up on anything even remotely sugary or fattening and try to survive on raw and organic stuff. You have to slowly get the healthy stuff into your diet, and get used to eating them. You just cannot start a completely new diet and expect it to work. Your body is not used to this sudden change and will react against it by making you feel weak and irritated.

2.Only dieting: The beautiful feeling of having lost weight comes more often than not, only through a healthy combination of regular exercise and dieting. Diets should not be short term things; you should make them a part of your life. However, merely dieting or healthy eating will not help you lose weight. It will only help to avoid further weight gain and maintain the current weight. You need to exercise regularly for a minimum of 30 minutes.

3.Skipping meals: The trick to healthy eating is to consume small portions of food every 2 to 3 hours and never starve yourself. You should never skip meals, for this makes the body weak and brain cells work slower, making you feel irritated and moody enough to hog on your next meal.

4.Drinking the calories: People are under the misconception that only eating causes weight gain, and they overlook the calories they are drinking. While dieting, people tend to substitute real food for fruit juices, shakes, smoothies, sports drinks, protein shakes, etc. Drinks don’t have that much nutritive value that is required by the body and are also quite calorific.

5.Going too fast: In order to see results soon, people run on the path leading to fitness instead of treading with ease. They diet too strictly and spend too much time at the gym. All this takes a toll on the body as it is not accustomed to such a lifestyle and people doing so, end up feeling emotionally unstable and physically weak. Make fitness a way of life and see the results emerge, slowly but steadily.

6.Expecting miracles: It’s a huge mistake to keep expecting big results just after a few days or weeks into the new diet and exercise regimen. Weight loss is a slow and steady process for which one has to have immense patience. People who expect miraculous results are those who can’t wait to go back to their unhealthy lifestyle after losing the weight they wish to lose. This is a wrong attitude and outlook to keep. Healthy living should be a life-long factor and not a stop-gap arrangement.

These are the biggest weight loss mistakes to avoid.