Body Language Mistakes To Avoid At The Workplace

Body language matters a lot at work place. Wrong body language can leave a bad impression on your boss, your colleagues and everyone else. It can even make your boss fire you for wrong reasons. Here are some body language mistakes you must avoid at your workplace.

Body language mistakes to avoid at the workplace are:

1.Slouching: A lot of women feel too tired or sad at work because of several reasons. You might be having low energy levels on a working day but despite of that, you should not slouch. Slouching actually depicts that you don’t care much about your work or yourself. It can also indicate that you are either disinterested in work or you are not taking your boss’s instructions seriously. So, stand tall at work and portray a more poised you. This will raise your self-esteem as well.

2.Not paying attention when someone is speaking to you: This is one of the major mistakes people commit at work. Cell phones and laptops act as distractions for women at work. These gadgets can make you look disinterested in things your boss or anyone else is saying. So, look into the eyes of your boss when he/she is speaking to you. Show that you are listening with interest. Lean a little forward in your chair and give nods. Don’t nod unnecessarily because this could show your anxiousness or low confidence.

3.The wrong type of eye contact: You must maintain the right eye contact while speaking to anyone at work. Don’t shift your eyes while talking because this will make people feel that you are a less involved person. Never give a constant lingering gaze to anyone because it can throw a person off his feet. It is ideal to make eye contact for three to five seconds, to look away and then look at the person again.

4.Keeping physical barriers between you and the person you are speaking to: It is best to remove all the interruptions between you and others while you are talking to them. Obstacles like a computer, a chair or a table can be bad for your conversation. These obstacles can make people feel that you are too under-confident or too defensive to remove the physical barriers for the conversation. Obstacles can limit your chances of creating a positive impression on people through words and body language.

5.Playing with an object constantly: Playing constantly with an object can make people feel that you can’t sit still and focus on anything. This can show that you are indifferent and disrespectful. Don’t clench your fists or drum your fingers while sitting in a meeting or at any time. Fidgeting with an object or playing with the cuticles can make you ruin your image at work.

6.Sitting or standing with crossed arms: Crossed arms can show that you are defensive or uninterested. So, never sit with your arms crossed while your boss briefs you or while you talk to someone. Clasp your hands in front of your body and rest the hands on the chair’s arms.

7.Not wearing a smile: It is definitely important to wear proper clothes to work. But, you should never forget to wear a smile at work. A genuine smile can actually wipe away a lot of your flaws. It can also make you look and feel positive.

8.Acting girlish: This is one of the biggest mistakes made by a lot of women. Girlish behavior consists of twirling your hair, playing with your jewelry, biting your nails, hugging your own body, hugging your colleagues too much and fidgeting with your clothes. It is really not attractive to giggle too much at work. It can irritate some seniors. Girlish behavior can make your seniors feel that you are too casual in the office.

9.Not speaking up: You should not be an invisible person at work. When you have something to say, just go ahead and say it. If you don’t speak up then others will not hesitate in running you over. It is important to ask sensible questions and speak the right things in order to maintain your authority in meetings, negotiations or regular days.

10.Being too expressive: Some women express themselves too much to get attention from people. In order to increase the sense of authority, you must speak to the point. Express your emotions in a very subtle and limited way at work. Don’t show any mood swings, bouts of nervousness or constant frowning. Look powerful, calm and contained at work.

11.Keeping a straight face: Some women keep a poker face at work. This is because they try to hold their emotions in check. It is alright to express your feelings at work because not doing so at all will lead to a bad emotional outburst some day or the other.

12.Not empathizing with people around: It is important to go up to an emotionally hurt person and to empathize. It is alright if you can’t help this person to fix the problem, but your one pat on his/her back can make you look and feel humane. It will be great if you go one step ahead and solve this person’s problem.

13.Watching the clock again and again: If you are sitting in a meeting and it is time to go home in the evening then don’t look at the wall clock again and again. This can leave a very bad impression on everyone around.

14.Rolling your eyes: This is one of the worst mistakes you can do at work. Don’t roll your eyes even to look funny.

15.Giving a handshake that’s too delicate: Such a handshake can make you look like a weak and aimless woman. People actually appreciate firm handshakes. A strong handshake definitely creates a positive impression. On the other hand, a delicate one can immediately paint you as a shy, passive and under-confident person. So, practice your business handshake in the front of a mirror.

16.Making too many animated gestures: Some animated gestures and movements can help you to express yourself whereas too much of this can make you look like a clown. So, don’t make too many animated gestures at work.

These are the body language mistakes to avoid at the workplace.