Colour Schemes For A Unique Home Decor

Your dream house is now fully constructed. However, it's not complete if the decor is not done. But matching decor, choosing furniture and the right colours is something that leaves you totally confused. Only mixing and matching different colour schemes brings life to the various rooms in your house. Remember your furniture, furnishings and colours need not have to match, they have to compliment each other. Here are some colour schemes for a unique home decor.

Colour schemes for a unique home decor are:

1.One of the first rules of choosing the right colour scheme for your house is choose different shades of the same colour. These colours can then be combined or bought together on a variety of shapes.

2.If you are choosing a light shade for your walls, pick a dark coloured furniture piece to go with it. For example, if your walls have a light brown or any such other neutral colour, team it with furniture of dark green blue or red shades.

3.Try home decoration for your house with a mix and match of the colours shades of blue. Using furnishings of a white colour or decorative pieces of the same hue will help create a refreshing feeling.

4.The regular shades of brown, which are most commonly used in most houses, can be teamed with indoor plants that throw in a touch of the colour green. Golden coloured throws on the couch can also add a different touch to the decor.

5.Another way to give an attractive look to the room is to paint one of the walls with a bold color such as yellow or orange. Pick a few accessories (vases, flowers etc.) of the same colour, so that the single bold colour does not look out of place.

6.A great home decor tip is to make use of lights for accentuating different color schemes. Mood lighting is a unique way of home decoration, which also helps in stress-busting.

These are the colour schemes for for your home decor.