Common Mistakes To Avoid While Reducing Belly Fat

If you are trying to reduce belly fat, it is important to do it the right way. A lot of people are over-enthusiastic about it and end up doing it the wrong way, harming their own body in the long run. Here are some common mistakes to avoid while reducing belly fat.

Common mistakes to avoid while reducing belly fat are:

1.Lacking in intensity: A lot of people think that merely going to the gym and lifting weights or operating the machines will get them a lean body and the right figure. This is not true. In some cases, their intensity is totally missing. One needs to have high intensity levels. Moreover, it is important to socialize less and focus more on exercising for longer time periods. This could be through increasing the weights lifted, cross-training, working out on inclines and increasing the distance covered during running. High intensity corresponds to burning of more calories. Higher intensity also helps the body burn fat even after the workout is complete.

2.Not trying different fitness programs: The body adapts very fast to your exercise regime. Doing the same things everyday only means you derive less and less out of it, as far as losing weight or stomach fat is concerned. If you want to lose your stomach fat and get the 6-pack, it is important to work your way up by increasing the work you are doing. The initial weight loss is high when you start a new program. But, it goes down with time. This is when you have to change the program.

3.Not indulging in different kinds of training: It is important to have a balanced exercise regime. The right amount of cardio, the right amount of running and the right amount of weight lifting is needed to lose belly fat. Indulging only in aerobics, in strength training or in weights isn’t going to give you balanced results. Doing the same things over and over again will not help in the long run. One must increase the duration of exercise or the intensity at least once, every few days or the moment the old regime looks comfortable enough.

4.Creating your own regime: Unless you are an expert yourself, well-versed in chalking out exercise regimes, it is ideal to let the right person do the job. The wrong cardio routine or ab exercises will not be effective. For example, doing slow cardio routines will gradually lower the metabolism rate and therefore bring down how much fat is burnt when you go for jogging. Since fat is distributed based on genetics, it is also wrong to assume that ab exercises will reduce stomach fat. Intense cardio like sprints are a better way of burning fat off your body.

5.Indulging in big meals: When you go for regular exercise, you are also telling the body to store up fat to burn for these regimens. Therefore avoid eating two massive meals. Instead have 4 to 5 smaller meals, which prevents you from craving. The body will not burn as many calories as you want when you have trouble with stress and hunger. So, eating less is not going to be a solution. Instead eating properly in a timely fashion is a better way of getting into shape. It also gives your body all the right nutrients.

6.Relying on the numbers: Whether it is your weekly weight or the calories that you are burning, numbers can be misleading. At the end of the day they are machines and procedures are important. You may be losing just half of the calories that the workout machine shows you because of poor technique or short-cuts. Therefore, don’t push yourself just for the sake of numbers. Instead, when you enjoy the process, you will get better and better at your workout sessions.

7.Following fad diet programs: You need to remain stress free and positive to look in good shape. With the wrong diet regime and the craving that lessened diet brings, you will be in stress all the time. After a while, you will stop losing stomach fat and instead lose your peace of mind, fighting with the strains that strict diets place on you. The body needs all the nutrients and you have to find a way of supplying them. Fad diets and meal programs which offer shortcuts are not effective as long as you don’t exercise regularly and make the right lifestyle changes. The body needs macro nutrients like carbs, fat and proteins, along with minerals and vitamins. Cutting them out will only lead to weight gain once you quit the dieting regime.

These are the common mistakes to avoiding while reducing belly fat. Desk: Asianet Online