Does Passive Marijuana Smoking Affect Children

If you are a parent of a young child and you indulge in smoking marijuana on a regular basis, you may be wondering if passive smoking of marijuana can affect your child negatively.Now, most of us already know that smoking cigarettes can be very harmful for our health and when the people around you smoke passively, it can affect them negatively too!There is an ongoing debate regarding the consequences of smoking marijuana, as there are a lot of people who believe that it has no side effects and it is not harmful for our health.However, there are numerous research studies on this subject that have proven that marijuana may have a lot of negative side effects that come with long-term use.If you have been smoking marijuana for a long time, it may be difficult for you to quit right after you become a parent, as that is human nature.

Marijuana, also known as, weed or pot, is a herbal drug that is used by people to attain a mental "high" or a state of lengthened senses and euphoria.A lot of people, especially in the metro cities, smoke marijuana on a regular basis, as a way to unwind or relax.There is a psychoactive substance known as THC in marijuana, that enables the person to attain the temporary "high". Now, many scientists have argued that THC can have a lot of side effects when used on a long term, even with passive smoking.Some of the side effects of marijuana use are dry mouth, fatigue, dizziness, depression, anxiety, increased appetite, memory impairment, etc.

A recent research study has reported that when children, who are between the ages of 1 months to 2 years old, are exposed to constant marijuana smoke on a regular basis, while their parents are smoking around them, it can lead to a lot of health complications later on. The research study conducted a survey on 43 children who were exposed to constant marijuana and tobacco smoke, and noted that more than 50% of these children suffered from cognitive deficits and respiratory ailments. So, in conclusion, passive smoking of marijuana can have an ill effect on the kids. Desk: Asianet Online