Flower Plants That Grow Without Sunlight

The basic necessity for a plant is food, water and sunlight. There are some plants which do not require one of these basic necessities that is, sunlight. Garden plants are usually shaded by humongous trees and our concrete world therefore barring the sun's rays for its growth. Due to problems like these, you can have a garden flower plant which no longer can depend on sharp sunlight for its growth.Thus to grow healthy flower plants in India, it is vital for a gardener to identify the degree of shade that the flower plant needs or will tolerate. The walls of our concrete jungle do not rob the soil of moisture, but they do cast a light shadow on these flowers plants.Some of the flower plants in India can withstand shade which is dense in nature, but, some needs to be coupled with dry soil to help its growth. A good fertilizer is important for these types of flower plants in India to provide a more suitable condition.Here are some flower plants that grow without sunlight.

Flower plants that grow without sunlight are:

1.Lords and Ladies: This is one of the most prestigious flower plants one can find in almost every garden. It is also familiarly knows as cows and bulls, adam and eve, devils and angels etc.

2.Geranium Cranesbill: This is one of the most beautiful flower plants you can grow in dry shade. The Geranium Cranesbill are fluffy little mounds of foliage which has white flowers, shades of blue and pink as well.

3.Barrenwort: This is also a dry shade flower plant which can be grown with a small amount of sunlight. The extracts from the flower produced is used as an aphrodisiac.

4.Mourning widow: This plant has blackish type of flowers which resembles that of a mourning widow. The dry shade plant grows well in areas near trees and shrubs.

5.Bleeding heart: This is a damp shade flower plant in India which grows beautifully in soil that is moist. The Bleeding heart is pink in colour in the shape of a heart.

6.Solomon's Seal: One of the most easy flower plants to grow in your garden is the Solomon's Seal. This damp shade plant looks elegant in garden due to its arching stems and creamy dangling bells.

7.Toad Lily: This plant resembles a toad. Spotted characteristics and camouflages with the amphibian as well. These plants grows well in damp shade gardens.

8.Wood Spurge: The wood spurge is one of the best plants that can be grown even in your house. This plant can survive in extreme shade.

9.Butcher's broom: This is another flower plant that is commonly grown in India. This extreme shade plant requires moist soil to grow.

10.Snow drops: The beautiful snow drops flower plant grows well during the winter season. The extreme shade flower plant which grows in perfect moist soil blooms beautiful white flowers which looks like snow drops.

These are the plants that grow without sunlight.

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