Gardening Tips For Neem Tree

The neem tree originated from the Indo-Malaysian region and it mostly thrives in tropical and sub tropical countries like Africa and Asia. Growing a neem tree is common in India and it grows best in hot climates of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.Known as the tropical evergreen tree, Neem came into existence in the 19th century and is essentially revered for its medicinal properties. Neem trees usually grow up to 12-15 meters in height. It is extensively cultivated in Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal, Guinea, Mauritania, Somalia, Burkina Faso,Togo and Nigeria. It has various health benefits and that is why most people prefer to grow neem trees either at home or in their neighbourhood.

The seeds, bark and leaves of the neem tree are mostly used to produce medicinal, cosmetic and insecticidal products. Apart from their leaves and bark, even the fruit from the tree is used for medicinal purposes. It is a well-known fact that neem leaves have been used as an antiseptic and also to treat acute skin problems. Many practitioners use the leaves of the tree to treat ailments ranging from skin rashes to diabetes. The leaves are also made into shampoos, soaps and skin care products. Interestingly, even neem oil obtained by pressing the fruits and seeds of the tree offers many benefits. It is mostly used for treating fungal diseases like black spot, needle rust, mildew and scab, anthracnose and rust.Here are some gardening tips for neem tree.

1.Purchase a young plant: If you have decided to grow a neem tree in your garden, then make sure to purchase a young tree or order seeds from a good seed company. There are plenty of sources available online to purchase seeds.

2.All types of soil: Neem grows in almost all types of soil. Growing neem tree is simple as it can be grown in any type of soil which includes clayey, saline, black cotton soil and alkaline soils.

3.Place your pot in a warm temperature: It is definitely better to cover the seeds with about one inch deep soil in a nursery. Even if you want to grow multiple trees, start your seeds in small pots. The most remembered gardening tip to grow neem tree is to begin cultivating it in spring as the temperature at that time is best suited for germination. Seeds usually take about three to four weeks to germinate.

4.Avoid sunlight: There is also a way to grow young neem tree in a large pot with drainage holes but make sure to use the best potting mix. Potted neem tree can be kept in natural sunlight and an outdoor environment from spring to late summers, however try to keep the tree indoor after the arrival of fall. Never place the tree in the hot sun for long hours when the young tree starts to show signs of growth. It is also good to provide fluorescent light for several hours during the dark winter months as this helps the tree to respond positively and to continue its growth.

5.Apply organic fertiliser: Next plant the tree after digging a hole that is larger than the pot size or root system. Make sure to plant the tree deeply to cover the total root ball. Try to grow the neem tree by filling the hole after you set the plant into it. The most important gardening tip is to water young trees once a week with an organic fertiliser like liquid fish emulsions. Be careful to follow the instructions before applying the fertiliser. You need to apply one-half strength dilution of fish emulsion with 1 gallon of water. It is important not to fertilise the tree during winter.

6.Soil needs to dry: Remember to water the young tree if you want it to retain the moisture in the soil.

7.Prune your plant: It is better to prune your young tree during spring if you want to maintain a manageable size. You can also prune during late summer.

These are the gardening tips to grow neem tree. Desk: Asianet Online