Good Manners You Must Teach Your Kids

1.Greet everyone you meet.

How nice would you feel if a little kid greeted you as ‘Aunt’ or ‘Mrs.’, when you bump into them at the local grocery store? And teach your kids to smile while they’re at it. There’s nothing more pleasant than the sight of a smiling and happy child.

2.Answer the phone politely.

This may take a while depending on how young your kids are. ‘Hello. May I know who’s calling?’ or ‘Mum’s not at home. Do you have a message for her?’ The person on the other end will be floored.

3.Don’t play drums on your plate.

Don’t you just wish every single child in the world was taught this? “You won’t get your dessert if you keep clinking your silverware on your plate.” Drive this point home real hard.

4.Saying ‘Excuse Me’.

You think that’s too formal? Wait until your child grows up to be in his/her teens and watch how useful this will be. Whether it is standing up to use the loo, interrupting when someone is talking or trying to get someone’s attention, this is one good manner that is going to help your child all the time.

5.Don’t fight with other kids.

We know this is an impossible task we’ve put up your sleeve, but keep drilling it into your kids’ head until they get it. “If you keep fighting back with other kids, you’re the one who’s the loser.” This should be a ‘Good Manner Anthem’ for your child. Desk: Asianet Online