Home Remedies For Breast Lumps


Breast lump is an important issue that makes many women concerned, worried and tensed, especially while breastfeeding. This can occur due to various reasons like infections, injuries, non-cancerous benign growths, and, sometimes, due to cancerous growths. To determine if the lump is cancerous or not, you have to go through a biopsy procedure. The main causes of breast lumps can be pregnancy, stress, hormone fluctuations, fatty diet, oestrogen action, smoking, excess weight and heredity. Dense, irregular and bumpy consistency of the breast tissue is a major sign of breast lumps. Usually, this can be detected by doing a self-breast examination. 

Most of these lumps are painless.Also, the breast tissues respond to the hormonal changes during the monthly cycle and breastfeeding. In breastfeeding women, hormonal stimulation can cause the glands and ducts that carry milk to swell. Repeated hormonal actions can make these lumps more hard. Trying home remedies for breast lumps is a safe and easy idea. Try home remedies only after confirming that the breast lump is harmless.Here are some home remedies for breast lumps.

Home remedies for breast lumps are:

1.Heat Treatment: Heat treatment is effective for breastfeeding mothers to reduce the breast pain and swelling. Chances are more that the milk ducts can get blocked and infected due to retention of milk. This can make the breasts tender with multiple lumps.Heat treatment is one of the effective home remedies to heal breast lumps during breastfeeding.

2.Cold Compress: Many women find cold compression as an effective idea to manage the pain and discomfort of breast lumps. Cold compresses can be made easily in your home by putting some ice in a cloth bag. Gently press the cold compress over the area where you experience pain and discomfort.

3.Hot And Cold Hydrotherapy: Hot and cold hydrotherapy is one of the home remedies for breast lumps during breastfeeding. Allow a stream of hot water to fall on the breasts and underarms for 2 minutes. Then, use cold water and repeat the procedure for 20 minutes. For better results, do this daily. As an alternative method, you can use compresses also for the treatment.

4.Nurse Your Baby: Nursing your baby more often is the most effective idea to treat temporary breast lumps due to blockage of the milk ducts. When you take more time in between each feeding, you are more prone to the formation of breast lumps. The sucking effect can produce a reflex and this in turn can increase the milk production, which will clear off the blocked ducts.

5.Breast Pumps: If you are a working woman who cannot feed the baby during the recommended timing, the next best idea to follow is to use a breast pump. Use a breast pump to remove extra milk from your breast, so that it will not cause the formation of breast lumps. You can also do this manually in case a breast pump is unavailable.

These are the home remedies for breast lumps.

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