Household Things That Salt Can Clean

Can you imagine that the matter in your kitchen which only brings taste to your food has so much usage to mesmerize you? In food, you all know the benefits of salt. Salt can keep the level of sodium in your body and also keeps your body hydrated on hot summer days.But do you know the ways to clean things with salt? When you fight with your utensils to get rid of burnt marks, or you get tired to rub the iron sediment from your water bottle, salt can solve your problem with its magic touch. You may wonder how your mother or grandmother could clean the utensils and furniture like new ones without using much soaps and detergents. If you ask your grandmother or any ladies of that age, they can give you little but effective tips which also include 15 ways to naturally clean with salt.Here are some household things that salt can clean.

Household things that salt can clean are:

1.It Removes Stain From Iron Cook Wares: When you constantly use the iron utensils, you can see a rough substance on those which can't be removed only by soap. Just heat a little oil in the pot and add salt in it. When it becomes a paste, scrub the utensil. Rinse under warm water.

2.Salt To Clean Sinks: When you think of ways to clean things with salt, use it. Long use can make your sink and drainage system stinky. Make mixture with salt and hot water and wash the sink with it and pour it in the pipe. No grease will be there and it will shine.

3.Removes Burnt Crusts: The most irritating thing that you hate to do after cooking is to remove burnt crusts. If your utensil gets burnt, sprinkle salts over it as soon as you finish cooking. Thus, those stubborn crusts will come out easily.

4.Remove Water Stains: Regular use of bottles and pots where you boil water get stains of water and also become reddish due to the iron of water. Pour some salt, 1tsp baking soda and few drops of lemon juice in the container and keep untouched for some times. Then wash under running water.

5.Clean Brass Or Copper: Make a paste of salt, vinegar and flour and rub the trophies, medals and antique collections of brass or copper. Keep for some time and wipe with a soft cloth. They will be as glorious as new.

6.Remove Rust: You can get rid of rust by cleaning it with salt. Make a paste with salt, water and tartar creme. Now apply it on rust and let it dry. Use a brush to remove it and wipe with a soft cloth.

7.Coffee Stain: Have you ever surprised to see the shiny coffee cups of your neighbour? She must have followed this trick to eliminate coffee stains. Make a paste with salt and vinegar. Rub the pot and cups with a sponge. Wash thoroughly.

8.Clean Your Refrigerator: If you don't clean your refrigerator at certain gaps, it can have a pungent smell which can hamper your health as you keep foods there. So make a solution of salt and soda water. Dab a cloth in it and wash your refrigerator from top to bottom.

9.Stains From Wooden Furniture: You can remove the stubborn stains from your wooden furniture with the help of salt. Just make a thick substance of salt and vegetable oil. Dab a cloth in it and wipe the wooden surface. Now, again mop it with a dry cloth.

10.Remove Mildew: Clothes in your closet can be affected by mildew and molds which creates strange smell and your clothes becomes colourless. Take equal parts of lemon juice and salt and rub gently on the mildew stains. Keep those under the sun to dry.

11.Wash Wine Stains: How much irritated do you feel when your husband's friend spill wine on new table cloth? You can't tell him anything but can remove wine stain easily. Just pile up salt immediately on it to soak the extra wine. Then soak it in cold water for 30 minutes and wash.

12.Make It Colourful: Salt is also effective in brighten the colour of your rugs and carpets. Soak a cloth into a saltwater solution and rub those gently with it. The faded colours will brighten enough.

13.Wash Soap Scum: You use soaps and shampoo to clean your body. Have you ever noticed how the soap stain is making the bathroom tiles dull? Now, removing it is very easy with salt and vinegar solution.

14.Wash Sweat Marks: You can't save your favourite dress to get the stain, specifically in hot summer days. So make a solution with salt and water. Now, sponge the fabric with the solution to make the stains lighter.

15.Clean Your Bath tub: Are these the only ways to clean things with salt? No, the list is never ending. But to give a final touch you can wash your bathtub and make it new with salt and grapefruit. Cut it and dab it in salt. Rub on the stains and see the magic.

These are the household things that salt can clean.