How Ayurveda Can Help You Get Pregnant Faster

There are couples who fail to conceive a baby because of health reasons. They go for conventional medicines to make their dream a reality, but not many know that taking Ayurveda can also increase the chances of conception by treating infertility with minimum side effects.Ayurveda treats the procedure of human conception to that in a plant. The basis of this treatment is like nurturing a seed into a plant, like through Ritu (season), Kshetram (fertile land), Ambu (watering and nourishment) and Beejam (seed quality). In case of humans, these four stages are menstrual cycle, healthy uterus, proper nutrition and quality of the sperms and ovum, respectively. The aim of Ayurveda treatment is to ensure that the ovulation in the woman takes place properly, while the sperm production in the man is adequate. It also ensures that the reproductive organs in both the sexes are healthy.

1.Ayurveda On Health: According to Ayurveda, human health is dependent on a harmony of several factors like body tissues, biostatic energies, digestion, excretory system and balance of senses. When this harmony gets adversely affected, because of unhealthy diet or indisciplined lifestyle, health disorders including those related to reproduction can surface. Ayurveda helps the couple planning to conceive to get rid of the wastes before setting up the momentum towards conception.

2.Ayurveda On Conception: Ayurveda believes that a smooth conception depends on the health of the sperm, ovum and uterus. Reproductive health for men and women depends on the health of the Shukra Dhathu (reproductive tissue) created in the body. The health of the shukra dhathu depends on all the other tissues and smooth metabolism of the body.

3.What Hurts Smooth Conception? Failure to conceive depends on a number of factors, including poor health of the reproductive organs caused by poor nutrition, bad digestion and gathering of toxins in the body. Lack of emotional attachment, improper eating habits, infection, reduced libido, etc., can also cause problems in conception. Even impotency by birth can be a cause.

Ayurvedic Treatment To Get Pregnant Faster: Here are some treatments that improve the health and better the chances of couples who want to conceive faster:

1.Panchakarma: This helps in getting the body rid of toxins and once that is done, the cells of the body begin to absorb proper nourishment afresh. This in turn helps the body's self-healing capacity and boosting immunity. Panchakarma treatment generally takes place in three phases, namely, pre-process, proper process and post process.

2.Podikkizhi: This reduces tension, improves circulation, cleaning the toxins, and strengthens the tissue of the muscles.

3.Snehapanam: This includes consumption of medicated ghee to cure gastrointestinal problems and it also improves the digestive problem.

4.Abhyanga: A therapeutic oil message to restore the doshas or energy. The oil that is used for massaging is pre-medicated with specific herbs.

5.Avagaham: This is a sitz bath where one sits in an avagaham tub filled with warm herb decoction. The body is anointed with medicated oil before taking the bath.

6.Elakizhi: This is a massage given with medicated herbs and leaves that are dipped into warm medicated oil and used for massaging the body. It helps in dealing with arthritis, spondylitis, back pain and inflammation of the soft tissue.

These are the ways that ayurveda can help you get pregnant. Desk: Asianet Online