How to Keep Baby Warm in Winter

What You Can Do

The ideal range for your baby’s room temperature should be between 16-20 degrees.

The best way to dress your baby for sleep in winter is a sleepsuit with feet attached to keep his toes warm. If your baby’s room is at the colder end of the scale, put a vest underneath.

Use a good moisturizer that is rich in butter and milk cream to avoid dryness and itching.

Keep your windows shut if it is extremely cold outside, but make sure that your baby’s room stays ventilated too. You can use a room heater or humidifier as and when needed to keep the space warm and comfortable.

If you think that one-piece suits are not enough for your infant, swaddle him in a soft blanket for a comfortable and restful sleep at nights. In case he kicks off the blanket, you can put him in a sleeping bag.

In addition, carriers are a great way to use your body heat to add extra cosiness to the baby in the cold winters.

A fitted cotton sheet and blanket can keep the baby warm in bed. In addition, some extra layers of the blanket can be added or removed depending upon the room temperature. Alternatively, a baby sleeping bag or sleep-sack are the best options to keep a squirmy baby warm and cosy.

Placing a hot water bag or heating pad in the bed for some time before letting the baby sleep will add some warmth to the cold sheets. It also keeps baby’s crib warm and comfortable to sleep in.

Safety Tip

Don’t cover your baby’s head while sleeping in bed or anywhere indoors. This may cause overheating, because an excess amount of heat is produced through the baby’s head. Once your baby falls asleep, check if he is sweaty, flushed or breathing rapidly.

Dressing Baby while Leaving the House

While heading out in crisp, cold weather with your little one, just adopt the rule of thumb that babies need an extra layer of clothing than you do. From cosy clothes and coats to heaters and humidifiers, there are a lot of things to consider before leaving the house with your baby. Desk: Asianet Online