How To Know That Do Heavy Breasts Cause Back Pain

Women who are gifted with a heavy bust are very attractive and feminine. But they go through lots of pain at some point of life. Why? Well, a heavy bust can affect the neck and spine. It could cause headache, neck pain and back pain. Imagine hanging your bag on your neck and carrying it all the time. Your neck and back may become sore after some time. In the same way, weight of the breasts can affect the muscles in your body.Not knowing the problems of a heavy size, some women even go for implants, creams or some surgical processes to enhance the size of the breasts. The first victim would be the spinal cord after the breasts turn heavy.

1.Firstly, the weight of breasts could trouble certain muscle groups and nerves mainly in the neck and the spine. Ligaments get stretched in the shoulder, neck and back. The heaviness could fatigue the muscles and that is when pain starts. Several muscles need to offer support in order to carry the weight. Over burdened muscles feel sore.

2.Some women suffer chronic pain for years together. Also, with a heavy bust, maintaining healthy posture may also get difficult. And when proper posture isn't maintained, it could cause spinal deformity.

3.What size impacts the posture? Anything bigger than Size D. As the curvature of the spinal cord gets altered a bit due to the heaviness of the cup size, upper back pain is common.

4.Some women tend to bend a little. This could affect the body language and also worsen the back pain and neck pain too.

5.What is the reason behind the pain? The musculo-skeletal system of the body gets affected when heavy breasts alter the center of gravity.The weight causes pressure on your spine. In the long run, it could cause bulging disc or other back issues.

6.Those who wish to go for breast augmentation need to be aware of all the complications that heavy breasts could bring.

7.Women suffering from severe upper back pain and neck pain due to heavy breasts can opt for a breast reduction surgery. It can solve the problem. In 90% of the cases, the symptoms of pain go away soon after the reduction surgery.

8.Bras could act like support systems. Specially designed bras play a role in distributing the weight. Consult a doctor to discuss your issues and know your options.

These are the ways to know that do heavy breasts cause back pain. Asianet Online