How to make your home bacteria free

Coronavirus infection is spread not only in the country but around the world, in such a situation, it is necessary to make your home a safe place and at a time when the situation of lock down in the country is known, in such a situation, the cleanliness of your home is clean It is important to take care, so today we have brought some special tips for you, following which you too can make your home bacteria free and safe, so what is the delay About the tips .......

- Dust mites and allergens thrive in bedsheets and pillows, due to which you may have a cold, cold, bad headache and respiratory problems. To avoid this, wash the pillow cover in hot water every 15 days and change the pillow every 2 years. We use bedsheets, sheets and mattresses to sleep, which directly affects our body and dust mites and Allergens sheets and mattresses can make you sick. To avoid this, wash the sheet and the cover of the mattress once every day in warm water every day. Also, soak the mattresses periodically in the sun, so that it does not have dust mites.

Always try to keep the bathroom dry because the moisture present in the bathroom helps the bacteria to thrive, while cleaning the toilet, clean the toilet handle. To clean it apart from soap, use anti-bacterial cleaners as well.

- Due to always being full of food and drink, germs, bacteria and insects are most likely to flourish in the kitchen. To avoid this, clean and store the washing sponge and kitchen cloth properly. For this, keep them to dry after each time they are used. The longer it remains wet, the faster the germs will spread. You can sanitize the sponge by placing it in the microwave.

For fruit and vegetables and other ingredients, place another cutting board for non-veg like meat, chicken, fish, so that cross contamination does not occur. Clean the cutting board regularly with anti bacterial cleaners.

Take out the carpet from time to time, keep it in the sun, so that no bacteria or fungus can flourish. Always keep the shoe rack out of the house. From time to time, remove the shoes and shoes, clean the shoe rack and also spray insecticide. Try these 8 measures to keep the glass pots like new.

- Clean the door handle with an anti-bacterial cleaner daily. Clean the dirt and dirt on the walls. Clean the walls of the walls and dust regularly. Choose Low VOC Paints, Milk Paint and White Wash for home. Also make sure that paint does not have lead.

Always keep black polythene in dustbin and keep it covered. Clean the dustbin with soap or surf every week.

- There is always some food item falling on the kitchen counters, causing food bacteria and insects to thrive, to avoid this, after washing the counter with soap every day, pour a table spoon chlorine bleach in water and clean it. Also, keep the containers in the cabinet well sealed. Keep the trolley keeping the dishes clean and hygienic on a regular basis. Wash and wipe the utensils immediately after eating, do not leave it in the sink. Desk: Asianet Online