How to Prevent Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

1.Eat healthy

In some cases, leg cramps are said to occur in case of deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals in the body like calcium, magnesium or phosphorus. In this case, you can have bananas, almonds, leafy vegetables salad etc as mid-meal snacking options. You may also opt for supplements of the same, but strictly under the guidance of your doctor.

2.Walk around

A 10 minute walk after every interval of 1-2 hours is recommendable in your first trimester to regulate the blood flow in your legs; only if your physician allows it. Do not stand for longer periods of time, as this will further aggravate the leg cramps.

3.Do not sit cross legged

This is because it obstructs and minimizes blood flow in legs. Moreover when on bed rest or lying down, try waggling your toes often to improve circulation in the area.

4.Opt for the right positions

Try keeping your leg in a slightly elevated position than the rest of your body, it helps. You may also consider lying on your left. This may prove very effective, as it is said to enhance blood circulation in the body.

5.Exercise your foot

You may not be able to exercise freely owing to your physical condition, but your foot is still at liberty to implement the same. Try some basic foot exercises, while lying down or sitting up. Move your foot left and right, then bend and stretch them for another set of 30.

6.Hot Compresses

You could use warm water filled in a bottle or a hot pad in the leg region to reduce the tension. This is best when practiced before going off to sleep. Desk: Asianet Online